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7 Unforgettable European Travel Moments

When you start to fill your passport with stamps, you also begin collecting unforgettable experiences. These moments bring comfort and joy while they’re happening, and every time you recall them.

A Case for the Return of the Pen Pal

With so many ways to connect with friends and family instantly, communication is now easier than ever. While this has done wonders for keeping in touch with people far away, it has also made letter writing a vanishing habit. So, read why I think we must save the pen pal, and how it’s the perfect…

6 Cities I Can’t Wait to Revisit

Day dreaming is one of the best ways to keep busy. Read about six gorgeous, interesting and unique cities–and get ready to add them to your travel bucket list.

Introduction: Or, the Who, What and Why.

Future employers, you may choose to skip to the last paragraph. You know those kind of goals you have that just seem huge and looming? The type that are weighing so heavily on your mind because you so badly want to achieve them? But the weight of them also makes starting seem like an impossible…

Test Post

As a classic first post on this new website, here’s a test to make sure everything is showing up as it should.

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