Introduction: Or, the Who, What and Why.

Future employers, you may choose to skip to the last paragraph.

You know those kind of goals you have that just seem huge and looming? The type that are weighing so heavily on your mind because you so badly want to achieve them? But the weight of them also makes starting seem like an impossible task? Well, I am happy to report, that after almost three years of wanting to create my website I have finally taken that first step. Ever since I started my journalism degree I was told how important it was to have a place to show your work. Professors and mentors reiterated again and again that a sphere to write and share was an important aspect of venturing into the professional world of writing and media.

Although I believed my mentors, and understood that their emphasis on the importance of a blogging space was valid, I still resisted. From time to time I would look up domain names and just hope that wouldn’t be taken by the time I got around to registering it. Thankfully, no other Amanda Marsh snapped up the name. Nor, did anyone get, the name I accidentally purchased the first time around. Although I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t catch a misspelling in my own, given birth name at least no one can steal my brand. That’s sarcasm… my personal brand is but a little seedling.

Beyond the value of a website for professional or portfolio reasons, I also wanted to create a space that I was comfortable being myself in. I have for the past five years created content for a specific purpose. Either for school projects or internships, my writing was always tied to professional goals, not the personal ones I so desired to achieve. Although much of my past work I have enjoyed creating, doing things for myself feels good – plain and simple. I’m a new grad, so I need some way to achieve serotonin in this job market.

The direction of this website isn’t set in stone. I know my interests lie greatly in photography, travel and sustainable living, but that doesn’t mean I won’t have the desire to throw in the occasional topic that doesn’t fit perfectly into an established category. That’s another perk of my own online space – there’s no boss or professor telling me I can’t do something. has my – and only my – name on it. So, as someone who craves structure, I’ll be expanding my horizons to listen to what I want to do. Not what I feel I must do.

I hope this first introductory post starts to set the tone for the site. I’m not trying to be unprofessional, as this url is on my resume, but I won’t be producing content directed exclusively to the professional world. Simply put, I want it to be a space for creativity. Whether that be realized by experimenting in the kind of content I create, or inserting my own humour into pieces, is yet to be determined. Going forward, expect posts with a casual tone juxtaposed with more serious journalistic pieces. I won’t be establishing a rule book for my creativity, so anything goes!

However, if any future employers are reading this, I would like to take a moment to say: Hi, thanks for stopping in. I can’t wait to bring professionalism and an adherence to rules to whichever company/organization you represent, and I can’t wait to start my position in communications/copywriting/journalism. I’m sure you will find my qualifications and skillset will make me a beneficial addition to your company/organization. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this position that provides a six-figure salary, catered lunches and ample vacation time. (Maybe? No? Alright, still happy to join the team.)

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