12 Pieces That Prove Terrazzo is THE 2021 Trend to Watch For

terrazzo wallpaper acts as accent wall in home office

Move over solid neutrals, terrazzo is here to claim the throne.

While I have always loved a neutral palette and simple designs, with how life has been going lately I decided I could use some COLOUR! As I was realizing my design preferences were changing to encompass the vibrancy and eclecticism missing from my everyday life, a sponsored post from W&P Designs appeared on my instagram feed. Like serendipity, here was an image of glorious drink ware that combined everything I have long loved with the style I was starting to gravitate towards. Thus, I was introduced to the beauty of the terrazzo print. It’s fun and colourful, while still maintaining clean lines and a classic feel. So, to all my colour-lovers and neutral diehards: read on! This list may just have something for everyone.

Note: These kind of posts are always ‘just for fun’ from me and all prices are listed in Canadian dollars. For items not originally listed in Canadian dollars, the current exchange rate at time of publication was used to calculate the price.

W&P Porter Mug

a cream-coloured, terrazzo mug shown beside it's accompanying box
Photo by W&P Designs

With the temperatures starting to drop, you’re going to want to take a hot cup of coffee with you while you brave the cold. At the very least, having a caffeine boost waiting for you will make your holiday errands a bit more bearable. So, why not keep your coffee in this chic mug? This silicone-wrapped, ceramic mug will brighten up grey winter days, and help you reduce your eco-impact by replacing disposable cups. It also comes in a great set with a matching bottle!

$34 from Nordstrom

Accent Lamp

A medium-sized table-top lamp with a geometric, terrazzo base and large Edison-style light bulb.
Photo by Anthropologie

2020 has absolutely been the year of staying indoors. So, while you’re stuck in your house you may as well jazz it up a little bit. This sweet lamp has all the colourful joy of terrazzo, while also keeping it interesting with a fun geometric shape. This would definitely look stylish on a bedside table, or use it to bring a bit of style to your home office. 

$88.40 from Anthropologie

Casetify Phone Case

An iPhone 11 case featuring a bold, colourful terrazzo pattern printed in plastic.
Photo by Casetify

The pretty pastels of this phone case definitely give it a bit of a pop, but are totally understated enough to go with everything! Not only will this case look cute, it’s been drop tested and made with shock-absorbing material. It’s available for Samsung devices and many iPhone models. A great option if you have a hard time finding case options for your older model cell phone!

$84.50 from Casetify

Neutral Terrazzo Coasters

A yellow, grooved, terrazzo concrete coaster is shown beside a stack of three matching ones in grey, red and blue.
Photo by Cocktail Emporium

I have been allabout adding pretty little accents to different spaces in my home. One of my favourite ways to do this is by accessorizing existing console or coffee tables. These hand cast coasters will look great in use or stacked. While the sweet colours are what caught my eye first, they definitely get bonus point for being light-weight and made from recycled materials.

$66 for a set of 4 from Cocktail Emporium


A white, metal waterbottle featuring a colourful, geometric terrazzo pattern
Photo by Corkcicle

This is the collab I didn’t know I wanted. Corkcicle, makers of canteens that keep beverages cold for 25 hours, have joined forces with the cool and colourful creative minds at Poketo. The result is this fun bottle that will brighten every sip. There’s something about a chic water bottle that makes staying hydrated so much easier.

$54.99 from Altitude Sports

Globe Floor Lamp

A corded, stand-up floor lamp featuring a terrazzo base, brass post and globe light.
Photo by Crate and Barrel

Okay, so this is definitely something I would consider a splurge. But, how sweet would this lamp look beside a trendy sofa? While I won’t be able to add this to my home anytime soon, it is absolutely what I envision in my dream, cool girl, city apartment. The speckled terrazzo bottom adds just enough interest, while still allowing it to be a neutral piece that would complement many design styles. Terrazzo plus brass is a winning combination in my books. 

$449 from Crate and Barrel

Fabric Shower Curtain

A cloth, terrazzo printed shower curtain is featured in a white bathroom.
Photo by Simons

I love that this terrazzo pattern is heavy on the cool tones. I think blues look great in bathrooms, and the odd pop of light yellows and pinks still make enough of a statement.  I’ve owned a shower curtain from Simons for a number of years, so I can vouch that the quality makes this a total steal.

$20 from Simons 

Spiral Notebook

An emerald green, terrazzo printed notebook featuring a gold spiral binding
Photo by The Baltic Club

Ok, this might be my favourite thing. I am such a sucker for nice stationary, and this pretty notebook just made it to the top of my wish list. The emerald colour and gold spiral binding create such a classic look, and the terrazzo pattern definitely modernizes it. This notebook is 110 pages, and you get to pick whether they are lined, blank or dotted! 

$20 from The Baltic Club

Jewellery Stand

3 pairs of earrings and a necklace are neatly stores on a three-tiered jewellery holder, where the terrazzo base also acts as a catch-all dish.
Photo by Umbra.

Who doesn’t love a good dose of organization? Especially,when it looks as chic as this. What strikes me most about this jewellery stand (okay—besides that terrazzo base) is how intelligently it was designed. Each post has a double wire top, so you can store your earrings efficiently. The different post heights accommodate a number of necklace chain lengths, and the bottom dish acts as a great catch-all for whatever other bits and pieces you have. 

$35 from Umbra

Two-tier Stash Box

a pair of earring and a necklace are draped over an don two ceramic, terrazzo trinket boxes and its silver lid.
Photo by Urban Outfitters

These stacking dishes give such a clean, fresh look. The terrazzo is gorgeous, and looks so nice against the gleaming, silver lid. The dishes can be left stacked or separated for a cute display piece. I could see myself sticking all of my most-worn jewellery in these. I love a piece that is functional and still looks great left out on a night stand or dresser.

$44 from Urban Outfitters

W&P Utensil Set

Set of silverware held in a silicone, terrazzo case
Photo by W&P Designs

If you are packing a lunch for work, this cute utensil set would definitely come in handy. Utensils may not be the most thrilling thing, but having a set ready to throw in your lunch bag would definitely be convenient. If you’re anything like me and always forget your silverware, perhaps a set as pretty as this will make it easier to remember. No more needing to raid the office cupboards for single-use cutlery

$28.60 from Anthropologie

Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

terrazzo wallpaper acts as accent wall in home office
Photo by Wayfair

An accent wall can really elevate any room, especially when it’s as dainty as this soft-hued terrazzo pattern. As a bonus, this wallpaper is easy to remove if you ever decide to take your design aesthetic in another direction. The ease of installation and removal is just as appealing as adding these lovely pastels to your living room or home office. I can definitely see this wallpaper pairing splendidly with metallic accents. 

$91.99 for 24’W x 48” L from Wayfair

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